Monitoring system and surveillance with remote control


For more compact systems, with the same management and control needs as larger areas, PlantWatch offers the complete, integrated solution for all monitoring, surveillance and remote management requirements. PlantWatch is a versatile data recorder, a formidable surveillance system and an exceptional instrument for remote control.
PlantWatch allows installers, managers, technicians and maintenance personnel complete control of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heating and other systems. Up to 32 instruments can be connected, including controllers for showcases, cold rooms, compressor packs, roof top units, chillers, lights, boilers, recording the temperature, pressure, humidity and all other values used in the control of your installation. The messages can be displayed in one of five languages, while a built-in PSTN modem is also available. For each possible critical situation, the user can decide whether PlantWatch should signal the event by buzzer, send a FAX or SMS message to a GSM mobile phone, simply save the event, print it or call the service centre with PlantVisor installed. PlantVisor Remote is the default program for downloading the values measured and the alarms recorded.


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For more details please check the tecnical documetation HERE [PlantWatch Info]


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