Our primary activates are:
- Selling of cooling solutions for the industry;
- Chillers from 32kW to 484kW;
- All kind of cooling chambers;
- Panels;
- Realization of all assembling halls and structures of panels;
- Sectional doors for halls and objects;
- Sliding doors for all kind of chambers,

  for conservation, chilling and freezing in:

- milk industry;
- meet industry;
- wineries;
- production of drinks;
- orangery (conservation of fruit and vegetable);
- foodstuff industry;
  and everywhere the chilling is need.

Service that we offer:
- Assembling all kind of chambers;
- Assembling all kind of cooling systems;
- Instalation of chillers;
- Service and maintenance of all cooling systems.

Location of GORENJSKO


Our address

n. Butel, Skopje
Phone/Fax: +389 2 2032 822